How to make a referral

How to refer a patient:

For X-rays, you can refer patients to us in various ways:

  • via
  • or post your referral to: Practice Plus Group Diagnostics, Havant, Oak Park Community Clinic, Lavant Drive, Havant PO9 2AW

For ultrasound and echocardiograms, patients will need an appointment.  Therefore we require your referral to be provided via post or choose and book as per the details above.

If you are posting or faxing a referral, please detail the patient’s medical history and any other relevant information that you feel would be beneficial for the consultant at the centre to know.

Diagnostic imaging exclusion criteria

Before you refer to our X-ray, ultrasound or echocardiogram tests, please check the following exclusion criteria:

  • Pregnancy
  • Patients below 18 years

Please remember that we only provide general abdominal, renal, aorta, testes and gynaecological ultrasound scanning tests.